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Car Care


Technician explaining repairs

10 ways to spend less money on car repairs - insider tips

Maintaining your car is not cheap, but there are always ways to save. You already know that by selecting a reputable shop and keeping up with your oil changes you can avoid many expensive repairs, but what else you can do?
Test driving a used car

10 tips on how to spot signs of problems when test driving a used car

A test drive is an important part of the used car buying process. During a test drive, you can catch some signs of problems with the two most expensive to repair components: the engine and transmission.

Engine Maintenance

Does your car really need all the maintenance services and "flushes" that your dealership or repair shop recommends? For example, what is a throttle body and why does it need to be serviced? What are the signs that your car need new spark plugs or tune-up?

Battery and Electrical

Transmission and Drivetrain

Chassis, Suspension, Steering


Wheels and Tires


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