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Car Care


Third brake light is out

Brake or tail light is not working: repair options and cost

One burnt-out bulb may not seem like a big deal, however each of your taillights serve an important safety function. According to the NHTSA statistics, one-third of all car crashes in the US in 2017 were rear-end collisions.
Four-stroke engine

Four-stroke engine: how it works, animation

In an engine, the stroke is the up or down movement of the piston in the cylinder between the top and the bottom positions. One revolution of the crankshaft equals two strokes. In a four-stroke engine, each cylinder "fires" on every second revolution of the crankshaft.

Engine Maintenance

Does your car really need all the maintenance services and "flushes" that your dealership or repair shop recommends? For example, what is a throttle body and why does it need to be serviced? What are the signs that your car need new spark plugs or tune-up?

Battery and Electrical

Transmission and Drivetrain

Chassis, Suspension, Steering


Wheels and Tires


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