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Car Care:

Car Care


Disc brakes

When do brakes need to be replaced?

Knowing that your brakes are in good shape is essential for peace of mind when driving. Brakes in a car use friction to slow down or stop the rotation of the wheels. If the brakes wear out past the safe limit, braking performance will be reduced and the vehicle will be unsafe to drive.
Heating system in a car

How the heating system works in a car.

The heating system is connected to the engine cooling system and uses heat from the engine to warm up the cabin. There is a heat exchanger called a heater core built inside the vehicle HVAC system. The heater core is a small 'radiator' that is connected to the engine cooling system.

Third brake light is out

Brake or tail light is not working: repair options and cost

One burnt-out bulb may not seem like a big deal, however each of your taillights serve an important safety function. According to the NHTSA statistics, one-third of all car crashes in the US in 2017 were rear-end collisions.
Toyota Prius c

Top 10 cars with best MPG for under $10,000 to buy in 2020

Paying too much at the pump? We have selected a few cars that not only offer some of the best mpg ratings, but have a good reputation for dependability. In this list, we only considered autos priced from $6,000 to $10,000 that you can find for sale in the U.S.

Car Care

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