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Testing autos Testing Autos
At Testing Autos we love cars, we know cars and we like testing them. Coming from the automotive industry,  we have accumulated wealth of knowledge about car repair and maintenance, as well as about different car models. We think that any knowledge or experience is useless, unless it's shared with other people, that is why we started this website.

We have launched TestingAutos in April 2012 with Wordpress. It worked well for us, thanks to Wordpress creators, contributors and extremely helpful community.

Based on your feedback, in 2017 we made the decision to switch to plain and simple old HTML. As you have noticed, the website is much faster now and fully mobile-friendly. This way, whenever you want to find the answer to your car question, you can access our website on your phone. Based on our statistics, more than 60% of our readers access from their smartphones.
Please, suggest what other car topics we should cover.