Best Cheap Used Cars That Can Last for Over 200k Miles

By Vlad Samarin, April 17, 2023.
Here is a list of cheap used cars that are not only fuel efficient, but reliable and can last for over 200K miles. The key to buying an old high-mileage vehicle is to make sure that the car is not too rusted underneath and the engine and transmission are in good mechanical shape. These cars have simple non-turbo engines that last longer and are cheaper to repair.

2010-2018 Mazda 3

2014 Mazda 3 2014 Mazda 3. Photo: Mazda.
The Mazda 3 is a sporty compact that comes as a sedan or 5-door hatchback. It is known for its sleek styling and superior handling. The Mazda 3 offers good engines and a conventional automatic transmission.

With good care, it will last for over 200,000 miles. Starting from 2012, the Mazda 3 offers a very fuel-efficient 2.0L Skyactiv engine. The 2015 Mazda 3 sedan with a 2.0L Skyactiv engine and automatic transmission is rated at 30/40 mpg city/highway.

2003+ Honda Accord

Honda Accord coupe 2010 Honda Accord Coupe.
The Accord handles like a sports sedan, yet it's very comfortable and roomy. It's one of the rare mid-size cars that are available with a manual transmission. You can also get it as a two-door coupe.

Honda engines are built to last and, with good care, can run for well over 200K. We have seen many high-mileage Accords that are still in good shape. The key is to keep the engine oil topped up regularly as the K24 engine is known to consume oil.

2004+ Toyota Camry

2009 Toyota Camry 2009 Toyota Camry.
The Camry is a comfortable mid-size sedan with a smooth ride. It comes with either 4-cylinder or V6 engine. The 2.5L is a better engine than the 2.4L of the 2004+ that was known for oil consumption.

However, either engine can last for over 200,000 miles or more with good care. The key is to keep the oil level and coolant topped up. The 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine is good on gas for a mid-size sedan.

2004-2015 Honda Civic

Honda Civic 2008 2008 Honda Civic.
The Honda Civic is one of the best compact cars. It's dependable and won't cost much to maintain. Redesign years: 2006, 2012.

The 2012-2015 Civic is by far the best generation and will last for over 200K miles with regular maintenance. It offers a sporty handling and a stylish comfortable cabin with a two-tier dash and digital speedometer. The 2015 Honda Civic with a 1.8L engine and automatic CVT transmission is rated at 29/37 mpg city/highway.

2007+ Toyota Yaris

2012 Toyota Yaris 2012 Toyota Yaris.
Small on the outside, the Yaris is roomy and practical on the inside. It's reliable and costs little to maintain. If you can live with its small size and budget-styled cabin, it's a nice comfortable car to drive.

The 2012+ Yaris has a much nicer interior. The 2018 Toyota Yaris with an automatic transmission is rated at 30/35 mpg city/highway. Overall, it's one of the best compact city cars you can find and it's not very expensive. With good care it will last for over 200K miles.

2007+ Honda Fit

Honda Fit 2017 2017 Honda Fit. Photo: Honda.
Honda Fit is another practical subcompact with a versatile interior. The Fit is also roomy inside; the rear seat cushions flip up, giving the Honda Fit enough space to fit a 46-inch TV (hence the name). The 2017 Honda Fit offers 52.7 cu. ft. of cargo space.

With the rear seats folded, you can even fit a bicycle without removing the front wheel. Honda Fit has a sporty, firm ride and responsive handling. The Fit is reliable and easy to maintain. The EPA-estimated fuel economy for the 2017 Honda Fit automatic (CVT) is 33/40 mpg city/highway.

2005+ Toyota Corolla

2012 Toyota Corolla 2012 Toyota Corolla.
Known for its reliability, the Corolla offers a roomy comfortable cabin and a smooth and quiet ride. The 1.8-liter four-banger is not a rocket, but it's known to last for up to 300K with regular maintenance.

Ownership costs are reasonable. The Corolla was redesigned for 2009 and then again for 2014. The 2014+ Corolla offers a more spacious interior and sporty look. The 2016 Corolla with a 1.8L engine and automatic CVT transmission is rated at 29/37 mpg.

2005+ Toyota Matrix

2012 Toyota Matrix 2012 Toyota Matrix.
The Toyota Matrix is a hatchback that is mechanically similar to the Corolla. The Matrix offers a large cargo area covered by durable plastic. It's also one of a few cars suitable for tall drivers.

The Matrix is reliable and can last for over 200k as long as it's maintained well. The 1.8L engine is very fuel efficient although you may notice that it lacks power when fully loaded. All in all it's a very practical car.

2006+ Honda CR-V

2010 Honda CR-V 2010 Honda CR-V.
The CR-V is a popular small SUV. It's roomy, comfortable and practical. It has a good engine and is generally reliable. If the body and undercarriage are not too rusted, the CR-V can last very long.

The one thing you will need to make sure is to keep the oil level topped up regularly as the CR-V engine is known to consume oil. It's not uncommon to see the CR-V with over 200k miles. It's also fuel efficient for an SUV.

2006+ Toyota RAV4

2010 Toyota RAV4 2010 Toyota RAV4.
The RAV4 is another practical small SUV. It has a good engine and a smooth comfortable ride. The RAV4 is also known to last for over 200,000 miles when properly maintained.

When checking a used Toyota RAV4, make sure it's not too rusted from underneath. The RAV4 will need some common repairs like any other vehicle, but is generally reliable and easy to maintain.

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