Steering wheel shakes when braking

Why a steering wheel shakes when braking at high speed

Many motorists have experienced this problem: The steering wheel starts to shake when brakes are applied at high speed. Often, it’s more noticeable when braking on the highway at ... Continue Reading →
Measuring parasitic current draw

What can cause a car battery to drain?

Over time, we came across many problems where a car battery would drain quickly, sometimes even overnight. Modern cars are full of electronics and problems with drained batteries become ... Continue Reading →
Radio is locked and requires security code

Common problems after replacing the battery

Whenever the car battery is disconnected, many electronic modules are reset and this can cause some problems. In this article, we will consider several common issues that happen after ... Continue Reading →
Car wheel fell off

How to deal with noises in your car

We know that any car will develop more squeaks and rattles with age, but a noise in a car can also be a sign of a mechanical problem. Should you be concerned? What is the best way to ... Continue Reading →

When does a throttle body need to be serviced

The throttle body service is not a part of a scheduled maintenance, but for some problems, it may offer a simple solution. First, what is a throttle body and why does it need to be ... Continue Reading →
Disc brakes

How often do brakes need to be serviced?

We know that brakes should be replaced when worn, but how often should brakes be serviced? First, let’s review why brakes may require servicing between replacements. On average, ... Continue Reading →
Spark plug

When do spark plugs need to be replaced

Spark plugs deliver an electric spark that starts combustion inside the cylinders of a gasoline-powered engine. Without a spark, a gasoline engine would not start. As a part of regular ... Continue Reading →
Transaxle seal

When does the axle seal need to be replaced in a car

In a car, an axle seal is the part that seals the connection of a driveshaft (axle) to the transmission or rear differential. The main purpose of an axle seal is to keep the transmission ... Continue Reading →
New tire

How often should tires be replaced?

Tires are what’s holding your car to the road. Worn-out tires increase the risk of an accident. We all know that, but at what point should tires be replaced? How do you know ... Continue Reading →
Engine air filter

How often should an engine air filter be changed?

The air filter is the part that filters the air entering your engine, protecting it from sand and dust. As you drive, the air filters becomes contaminated. At some point, it will ... Continue Reading →